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DESCO MEDICAL INDIA welcomes you to our Suction Machines & Suction Units Section.

DESCO MEDICAL INDIA Suction Machines & Suction Units are best for use to surgeons and operating theatre staff in hospitals all around the world. These Suction Machines & Suction Units assist medical personnel during surgical procedure.  

DESCO MEDICAL INDIA Suction Machines & Suction Units are designed and manufactured in India using the highest quality materials such as Mild Steel, Stainless Steel & Plastic.  

DESCO MEDICAL INDIA Specializes in all kinds of Suction Machines & Suction Units such as:

·        Suction Machines High Vacuum

·        Electric Suction Machines

·        Suction Machine Stand Model

·        Portable Suction Machine

·        Portable Slow Suction Machines

·        Foot Suction Machine

·        Bedside Suction Machines

·        Manual Vacuum Extractors

·        Ambulance Suction Units

·        Foot Cum Electric Suction Machine

·        Suction Machine Dual Power

·        Vertical Foot Suction Pump

·        Hand Held Suction Machines

·        Suction Bottles

·        Bacterial Filter

·        Karman Suction Cannula

·        Yankauer Suction Cannula

·        Suction Tube

·        Vacuum Extractor Cups.

DESCO MEDICAL INDIA has almost 20 years of experience in developing Suction Machines & Suction Units. We work closely in research and design with professionals in the field.  

DESCO MEDICAL INDIA Suction Machines & Suction Units is a clinical equipment which helps theatre professionals and clinics in their daily routine operating procedures.