Hand Held Suction Machine Non Autoclavable

Hand Held Suction Machine Non-Autoclavable Made of Plastic Manufactured by Suction Machines India


* Manual suction is used to suck the vomit from the upper airway.
Different suction tubes should be chosen according to different situations. You only need one hand to operate.
* Take out of purulence or sputum from the throat or windpipe.
* Get rid of venom from the wound.
* Produce vacuum effect.
Directions for use
* Check before use the handle of the vacuum pump to make sure that it can produce a vacuum effect.
* Choose a suitable sucker according to specific situations, then insert it into the suction bottle.
* Insert the sucker into the throat of the patient softly and suction can be started.
* Take the sucker out from the patient when finished. Then throw the sucker and bottle into plastic bags.
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Model No 
SMHH 105        Hand Held Suction Machine Non Autoclavable


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