High Vacuum Suction Machine StanVac 2

Delux Suction Machine StanVac 2 Made of Mild Steel Manufactured by Suction Machines India


Delux Suction Machine StanVac 2 is a High Vacuum machine.
The suction Machine Cabinet is made of mild steel with electrostatically powder-coated Anti-corrosive mounted on 63 mm diameter on (4) castors
Suction Machine StanVac is fitted with Reuseable Filter Jars: 2 x 2.5 Ltrs.
The Polycarbonate Jars are fitted with lids with overflow protection mechanical type
Tubing is non-collapsible
The vacuum Gauge has a 100 mm diameter graduated from 0 – 760 mmHg.
Bacterial Filters are Autoclavable and Reusable
Pump is Oil Immersed Rotary Vane
Vacuum Capacity is -720 mm Hg ± 10% at 35-40 LPM which is controlled by knob.
Noise Level<50 dB A ± 3 Almost Whispers
The motor is 1/2 HP, FHP
Power : 220/230V AC , 50 Hz , 370W
The RPM of this Suction Unit is 1440
We are Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Delux Suction Machine StanVac 2 at competitive prices from India.

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Model No 
SMHV 131         Suction Machine StanVac 2


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