Vacuum Extractor Silicone Cup with Extraction Handle

Vacuum Extractor Silicone Cup with Extraction Handle Manufactured by Suction Machines India


Vacuum Extractor Cups is also known as Vacuum Suction Cups
Vacuum Extractor Cups is made of 100 % silicone medical product
Vaccum Extractor Cups could assist and shorten second stage of labor in occipital delivery
Vacuum Silicone Cups are supplied in set of 4 : 40mm , 50mm , 60mm & 70mm
These Cups minimize the risk of Traumas, Cephalohematoma and Forceps delivery
The suction cup allows for easy insertion and facilitate an excellent vacuum seal
The Silicone cup can protect and decrease the possible danger of damaging the fetus’s head
The black guideline is designed for positioning reference
The handle and valve assemblies are manufactured of chrome plated brass and can be replaced
The shaft has three molded ridges to facilitate a firm grip
Vacuum Suction Cups Silicone is designed to withstand appropriate repeated use and cleaning procedures
We are Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Vacuum Extractor Silicone Cup with Extraction Handle at competitive prices from India.

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Model No 
SMAC 196       with Extraction Handle 40 mm

SMAC 197       with Extraction Handle 50 mm

SMAC 198       with Extraction Handle 60 mm

SMAC 199       with Extraction Handle 70 mm


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