Yankauer Suction Cannula Disposable

Yankauer Suction Cannula Disposable Manufactured by Suction Machines India


Yankauer Suction Cannula is also known as Yankauer Suction Tube.
Yankauer Suction Tube is used to suction oropharyngeal secretions in order to prevent aspiration.
Yankauer Suction Cannulas are made of Single-Use
Yankauer Suction Cannula Stainless Steel is Sterile
Yankauer Suction Cannula is made of Plastic and is flexible which helps in pain-free insert
These Cannulas are supplied with universal connecter and tubings that connects to the suction apparatus.
These Cannulas have smooth catheter eye surface with Rounded Tip for trauma-free insertion
We are Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Yankauer Suction Cannula Disposable at competitive prices from India.

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Model No 
SMAC 141          Yankauer Suction Cannula Disposable


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